The Laptop: A College Student’s Best Friend

As we enter an era when homework is done online and college courses can be completed anywhere and anytime the individual feels comfortable, the laptop has become the college student’s best friend.

So what is the best laptop for students? 

There is not one laptop that is better then all the rest because there are so many to choose from and they are always getting upgraded.  So here we will be discussing what you should look for when purchasing a laptop. A laptop will be one of your most valuable possessions during college.

You do not need to purchase the most expensive or the fanciest laptop on the market.  As a college student you will have a lot of bills to cover ranging from tuition, books, supplies, rent, groceries, and loans. Today, most laptops will have similar functions and features and one will not dramatically differ from one another.  Therefore, you should focus on your desired programs and a price that is affordable for you. hp laptop
Think Lightweight and Thin

Laptops are prized by many because of their portability and as a student you will want something that is very light and thin to make it easier to carry around campus.  You will most likely be carrying books around with you so the more lightweight and the less space it takes up, the better for you and your long term posture.


Wireless compatibility

Today, colleges provide their students with free wireless internet access on their campus so it is important for you to make sure that you purchase a laptop that has wireless compatibility.  With wireless internet access, you can connect to the school’s wireless internet connection anywhere on campus.  If your school does not have a connection yet, trust me it will really soon, so make sure you get a laptop that can take advantage of this great service.
Space and Speed

Take into consideration the amount of space and the speed of the laptop you are purchasing especially if you plan on saving music and games on it.  These sources of media and entertainment can accumulate a lot of valuable storage space in the hard drive of your laptop so make sure you are not going to run out.  It is a good idea to consider purchasing at least 60-70 GB of hard drive capacity and a processor speed of at least 1.46GHz.
Follow these steps and you will be on your way to investing in the perfect laptop for your college career.